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Amphenol Spectra-Strip - Amphenol Spectra-Strip, a division of Amphenol Information, Communication & Commercial (ICC) manufactures products that enhance the signal fidelity and extends the life of copper cable for critical high bandwidth data transfer applications and provides exceptional customer value in the form of enhanced performance and lower total applied costs for the Information Processing and Telecom markets. Amphenol Spectra-Strip has developed several new advanced cable technologies for cost effective mass termination and low cost, high bit rate, precision twinax applications. The ISO 9001 cable manufacturing facilities are maintained in Hamden, CT. and Shanghai, China. Related product brands include: Amphenol, Amphenol Advanced Sensors (formerly GE Sensing), Amphenol Aerospace Operations, Amphenol Anytek, Amphenol ICC, Amphenol Industrial, Amphenol LTW, Amphenol Pcd, Amphenol RF, Amphenol Sine Systems, Amphenol SV Microwave.
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